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A rug can be so many things to a room – an elegant echo of a scheme, a minimalist statement to visually quieten a room; it can pull together the disparate elements of a room, harmonising eclectic furnishings; or it can be a bold contrast giving a punch of intense colour.

Helping you decide

When buying a rug from The Rug Company, we
recommend that you try the rug at home before making a
decision. A rug can dramatically change a room, so
checking the size, colour and design in situ is the only
way to make sure it’s absolutely right for the space. It is
a personal process, which requires expertise and
To help you get a really clear idea of what’s required,
we’ll deliver a variety of different colours, sizes, textures
and designs and let you hold onto them – only by living
with the rugs and seeing them in the space for which
they are destined, do you begin to get a feel for what’s
To arrange a Home Approval, please contact us or visit
your nearest showroom. Please note, our Home Approval
service is not available on items from The Archive Sale.

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